Photocatalysis 2 & SIEMME'23

                        DATE   : December 1-3, 2017

                             VENUE: Katsushika campus, Tokyo University of Science, Tokyo ,Japan


Call for Abstract

The Abstract should be written in English, limited to one page (A4, 21.0 x 29.7 cm with 2.5 cm margins) and may include any graphics, pictures, formulas, schemes, etc. A book containing abstracts of all contributions in black and white mode will be distributed to all participants upon registration at the Conference desk.


In preparing their Abstracts, authors are strongly recommended to use the template file available below. The Abstract should be converted to a PDF file and sent by e-mail as an attached file to Conference Secretariat,, up to July 21, 2017. 


A file name of the abstract should be composed of your name and related topics. 


Related topics:

A)  Photocatalysis

B)  Nano-sized structural and functional materials

C)  Photochemical energy storage and conversion

D)  Environmental purification technologies

E)  Photo-functional materials

F)  Electrophotonic Materialas

G) Molecular Electronic


Your name: Akira Fujishima

Related topics: A) photocatalysis

Your abstract file name: Akira_Fujishima(A).pdf


Note that "Registration" is required for all participants including speakers.

Abstract submittion is closed.