Photocatalysis 2 & SIEMME'23

                        DATE   : December 1-3, 2017

                             VENUE: Katsushika campus, Tokyo University of Science, Tokyo ,Japan



The Joint Conferences of 2nd International Symposium on Recent Progress of Energy and Environmental Photocatalysis & 23rd China-Japan Bilateral Symposium on Intelligent Electrophotonic Materials and Molecular Electronics will be held in December 1-3, 2017 in Katsushika Campus, Tokyo University of Science, Tokyo, Japan. This symposium will offer material researchers from around the world who have interests in energy and environmental photocatalysis, intelligent electrophotonic materials, and molecular electronics. It would like to facilitate interactions between researchers from industry, national laboratory and academia for the future international collaborators.

The following topics and related ones are invited:

A)  Photocatalysis

B)  Nano-sized structural and functional materials

C)  Photochemical energy storage and conversion

D)  Environmental purification technologies

E)  Photo-functional materials

F)  Electrophotonic Materialas

G) Molecular Electronic